Week Two

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Color codes:  boys (blue, black, orange, green, red lime) and girls (pink, aqua, purple, white)

Wednesday, March 19
They are getting much more mobile now, up on their back legs although very wobbly and for only a few steps. But even though their eyesight will gradually improve over the next 10 weeks, they are determined to be on the move!

Every pup gets one-on-one interaction with humans at least twice a day.  Some are like little alligators - if you rub the chest or tummy they go right off to sleep!  Green is just conked out - look at the tiny little paw.

Tuesday, March 18
Now that my eyes are open, I can check out my web pages!!  Maybe I can figure out how to order a pizza!

Look out world, we're now able to see and hear.  Lots of things to explore and Mom will have to be on her toes!


Annie continues to watch the kids carefully, often peeking in on them from the doorway of the whelping box.  Of course she is more than willing to let Keetch do the dirty work when it's time to clean them up.

As they get bigger, they aren't always sleeping in one group - now they may multiple little piles of puppies.  Sisters Purple and Pink are having a napping moment.

Monday, March 17
Everybody weighed in at two pounds or greater today except Green who is just .3 ounces short.  By tomorrow we won't all fit in the box where we camp out while our big box is scrubbed and freshened several times a day.  Keetch continues to be a great Mom, and has really settled into her role without a lot of anxiety.  She's attentive and quick to respond to any serious crying.  But even she gets worn out at times!


Oh, geez, I have to feed them AGAIN????

As always, when there are new babies in the house, grabbing a nap whenever possible is the rule.


Saturday, March 15
Extra hands on board!  The nanny arrived today allowing us to take some individual photos.  It was a bright sunny day so everybody got a few minutes outdoors on the porch.

While they still prefer Mom, bottle feeding is going better.  A couple of them push up with their back legs to get a better grip!















Thursday, March 13
It was a busy day and not much opportunity for photos.  We canít believe a week has passed since we walked a 90 pound Keetch into the vet and came home with a 62 pound girl and 11 puppies.  Since then they have all gained weight, become quite mobile, and are already pushing themselves up on their legs.  They can now crawl faster than the speed of light (well, maybe about a 7 watt bulb) when Keetch jumps into the box.  They are sporting their big dog collars also, made of webbing and fastened with Velcro.  No more sissy ribbons for them!

As you can see, itís tough work eating and growing all day.  Time for another nap.



We're offering some videos posted on YouTube.  However, they are to remain private and not be shared or posted elsewhere.  They are strictly for viewing by prospective "parents" and selected friends.  If we find these running on Facebook or any other site, we will remove the links.  We ask your cooperation with this.

Video links: 

Songdog at Work

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