Week Ten

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Color codes:  boys (blue aka Forrest, black aka Finn, orange aka Marty, green aka Parker, red aka Virgil, lime aka Angus and girls (pink aka Scholar, aqua aka Piper, purple aka Isobel, white aka Bright)


Sunday, June 1

And then there were…..our four Songdogs.

The joyful story of Songdog’s 2014 litter came to a happy ending today.  Angus, the Lime Puppy, joined his forever family in St Louis, Missouri.

Rob, Sandy and their family recently lost their much loved Flatcoat to cancer.  We are proud they have chosen our Angus to fill that empty void.  With his sweet nature, big heart, and affectionate demeanor, we think Angus is the perfect remedy to help heal broken hearts.  While we ourselves are sad to see Angus leave, we know he will bring much joy and love back to Rob and Sandy’s household.

That is, after all, the ultimate gift every Flatcoat brings into our lives.  Have a wonderful life, Angus, and all our dear puppies- Piper, Virgil, Scholar, Isobel, Forrest, Marty, Parker, Finn, and Bright!


Wednesday, May 21

And them there were THREE.

Wow- it has been a long 10 days as the puppies joined their Forever Families a little at a time.  Our cute and lively Marty left us on Monday to join Margaret and John in Madison, Wisconsin.  Marty’s wagging tail and spunky attitude always made us smile.  He was a curious little guy who loved to explore, play tag with his mom Keetch, bite his Grandma Annie’s tail, and just plain have fun.  He was also a true Songdog, always ready to express his opinion with great enthusiasm (and volume)!  We will miss our joyful little fellow.



Sunday, May 18

And then there were FOUR.

Another sad day as we had to say goodbye to our Mr. Congeniality, Parker.  On Saturday he headed to his forever home with Susan and John in Alberta.  Of course Annie is quite proud that Parker will be returning to her original homeland.  He will be the official Songdog representative now stationed up in Canada.  With his big heart and ever wagging tail, no one is better suited to foster peace and goodwill between nations than Parker.  We humans could sure learn a lot from him.



Friday, May 16

On Friday we were on an extended puppy patrol of the Songdog property.  Boy, did we go a long way!  We visited the pine forest for the first time, climbed more hills, splashed in a different part of the wetlands, and of course, enjoyed new kinds of mud.  In our explorations we found a dead turtle shell, crossed even more bridges, rolled in pine needles and did some small retrieves.   On the way back we made sure to take time to stop and eat the flowers.  What a great day to be a puppy!                   




Sunday, May 11

And then there were FIVE.

It was a long, hard day on Saturday.  Kate and Brian headed to the Indianapolis airport in the very early morning to meet flights taking two more puppies to their final homes.  Forrest left first, flying to balmy Florida where Yuko greeted her long anticipated puppy.  Yuko gets the Most Persistent Parent award as she has waited well over 1 ˝ years for her special little guy.  Be a great boy, Forrest, for Yuko deserves it!  Then Piper took off for not so balmy Minnesota to meet Dave, Heidi, and Karlyn, and her two older Flatcoat sisters.  After a short drive northwest, Isobel met her new Mom, Michel, and puppy godmother Amy, who took her back to the windy city of Chicago.  Michel and Amy are long time members of the Songdog family, having shared their lives with Songdogs Lulu and Bogey some years ago.

It was a bittersweet drive home.  We know all our puppies will be loved and so very well cared for, but they have been part of our lives long enough to steal our hearts.  Thankfully we came home to 7 wagging tails and plenty of doggy kisses to help us recover from the long hard day.  Is there anything more therapeutic than that???  We sure don’t think so.

Farewell to Piper

Farewell to Forrest

Farewell to Isobel


Friday, May 9

At 9 weeks old, everything in the world is exciting and new.  We spent time together today as a big group, for tomorrow more of our siblings will leave to join their new families. 

On such a day all is bright and beautiful.  Brian and Kate hope that the memories of Songdog our puppies take with them, however fuzzy, will remain as dear and sweet as our puppies themselves.






Piper decides to make a break for it....