Week Six

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Color codes:  boys (blue, black aka Finn, orange, green aka Parker, red lime) and girls (pink, aqua, purple, white)

We're five weeks old!!

Wednesday, April 16

It was a bit chilly out but our nice black coats soaked up some sunshine so we played out in the yard for a while. 


We are getting really, really good (that means loud) at communicating when we need to go outside and "finish up".  While we can't always hold it and sometimes get distracted during the event, we are doing remarkably well for our ages.  We head right to the door and holler our heads off until someone lets us out.

After several outings today, we were ready for an early dinner and bed!


Tuesday, April 15

The nanny decided it was too cold to play outside so we had indoor playtime this morning.  That also allowed the nanny to refresh the litter box for the third time today - and it's only 9:30.

Everything is fair game to become a toy including furniture, rugs, newspaper, shoelaces, remotes, and errant shreds of newspaper that came out of the box at some point.  And after playing hard, there is a sudden collapse and everyone gets put down for a nap thus leaving the nanny time to tidy up for next time.


We were insulted to hear that we were a little "fragrant" and then - the dreaded bath!.  S-S-S-S-Soap Poisoning!  But after the bath we cuddled under fleeces and with Mr. Moose all warmed up in the dryer.  A long and busy day!

Sunday, April 13

Time for portraits again!














Saturday, April 12

We are 5 weeks old now, and time for some real challenges.  With an 80 degree day forecast we were introduced to our first Puppy Agility Camp.  We have stairs, a wobble board, a tunnel, a dog walk, a ramp, a ground ladder, and a raised bed to enjoy (or destroy, which ever comes first).  The tunnel received the first 4 paws up of approval, and created a new game called How Many Puppies Can We Fit Into One Tunnel.  The raised bed is also a favorite, although it appears more for chewing than sleeping.  Also popular are the cardboard box to tear up when we get bored, and the water pan to splash in, sit in, roll in, lie in, spit pieces of cardboard in and drag toys in.

We realize the photo quality isnít the greatest on these shots- shooting black puppies in bright light is pretty tough.  Then add the challenge of catching many moving targets at warp speed- well, you get the idea.  But we wanted you to enjoy their first tiny steps towards their MACH titles.  We promise to do better in the days to come.