Week Seven

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Color codes:  boys (blue, black aka Finn, orange, green aka Parker, red lime) and girls (pink, aqua aka Piper, purple, white)

We're six weeks old!!

Thursday, April 24

A special thanks to friends Teri and Jim, who came for a visit this evening.  They brought along a walker and cane to introduce the puppies to the possible world of Therapy Dog work.  All the puppies did just fine, showing no fear of the interesting contraptions, although we’re not sure they would have passed a TD test.  Trying to retrieve the cane and chewing the tennis balls on the walker legs probably isn’t quite acceptable.

Teri and Jim also brought along Hailey, their incredibly well trained and titled obedience dog.  Hailey is a miniature schnauzer which all the puppies found most fascinating.  They had never met a dog that was not only a different color, but also had a beard and no tail.  Wow!  Every day a new mystery.

Wednesday, April 23

Another warm, sunny day and longer legs meant it was time for some big time exploration.  So over the bridges, through the woods, and around the pond we went.  Along the way we discovered incredible things like mud, crayfish holes, mud, pond weeds, mud, an old stump, mud, and goose decoys.  Now those decoys are a challenge.  We weren’t sure exactly what to do with them.  A solo attack seemed unsatisfactory.  A more thorough examination by White revealed some had a big cave on the inside.  So we all had to try and climb in!.  That was fun for at least 27 seconds.  Then we were on the run again, across the bridges, through more mud, and back to climb into Brian’s lap.  What a wonderful world out there beyond the exercise pen!




Monday, April 21

Several of us are working on an important engineering project - remodeling the existing drain that is currently part of our play yard.  As you can see, it requires a great deal of teamwork and a consultation with the authorities by Lime, the project spokeman.  Of course, while some of us are hard at work, others are hard at play.


Friday, April 18

Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny and his 10 sidekicks!

We are 6 weeks old now and growing fast.  Our weights our now up to a hefty 9 to 10 pounds.  We had another veterinary exam and our first vaccines.  The trip to the vet didn’t bother us the least, and we thought the vet was a pretty cool guy, especially Aqua who was quite enchanted by his beard.  We are getting bolder and take longer walks alone with Kate and Brian, romping through head high grass and crossing shallow creeks.  Spring is fun!

As for that big rabbit………..just give us a few minutes alone with him.  He’s going DOWN.












Thursday, April 17

It was a beautiful spring day and we spent the whole time outside our pen - it has all kinds of cool agility things but, of course, we were most interested in tearing up an empty puppy chow bag!