Week One

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Color codes:  boys (blue, black, orange, green, red lime) and girls (pink, aqua, purple, white)

Tuesday, March 11

We all had spring fever here today with temps over 70 degrees.  The rock garden warms up well in the afternoon, so it seemed a great place for a quick photo shoot.  As you can see, however, the youngsters failed to share my enthusiasm.  They are growing fast now, gaining 2 to 4 ounces every day.  My first thought was to put the boys in the basket followed by the girls. 

That didn’t last long.  It reminded me of airline passengers trying to stuff their luggage in the overhead bins.  So I had to settle for girls in one basket and a double photo for the boys.

While none of them looked at all flattered about having their pictures taken, Pink seemed to be especially bored by the endeavor.

 Either that or she was hung over on Keetch’s fine elixir- literally.

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The boys
The boys
The girls
The girls
Pink girl


Monday, March 10

We were extremely saddened this morning to discover the loss of the yellow female puppy sometime in the pre-dawn hours.  One of us is sleeping next to the whelping box, and we are up several times at night when we hear any whining or disturbance.  But nothing seemed unusual until we discovered her this morning.  Our vet could not determine a cause as she seemed healthy and was gaining weight. It is suspected she may have had a lethal birth defect of some kind.  In our 7 litters over the years, this is our first loss and it was a sad shock to us all.  We will miss our little Mellow Yellow greatly.  But we know she is in good company and well cared for on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. 


Sunday, March 9

It has been a busy weekend.  We are all settling into a routine.  The puppies are getting bigger and stronger by the minute, or so it seems.  Keetch will barely leave them, but we want her to have a little fresh air and exercise.  While she enjoys her R&R, her babysitter is Mr. Moose.  Good ‘Ole Mr. Moose has been the babysitter for our past two litters and does a very good job.  The puppies love to snuggle against him and sleep in Keetch’s absence.  Of course some puppies initially think he can also provide a bit of refreshment but alas, his abilities there are a bit limited.  Thankfully none of our other puppies have ever seemed to imprint on him so we have no fear of them bugling as adults.

With so many hungry puppies, we have started to supplement feed to ease the stress on Keetch.  Some of the puppies are quite the gourmet eaters, and refuse to partake in anything not provided by mom.  Some are a bit so-so.  They aren’t crazy about milk from a bottle, but they can eat it.  Then, of course, there are always 2 or 3 that never miss a chance to eat just a little more.   Man, this stuff is GREAT!!!

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