Week Nine

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Color codes:  boys (blue aka Forrest, black aka Finn, orange, green aka Parker, red aka Virgil, lime) and girls (pink, aqua aka Piper, purple aka Isobel, white aka Bright)

Thursday, May 8

And then there were EIGHT

It was a lovely day for Pink to head to her new home in southeast Indiana, but that didnít make it any easier.  She left with Cassie and Jeff in the evening.  But she said her final goodbyes to her mom on a sunny morning where they enjoyed a special romp and play session together.

Pink will join two Flatcoat siblings at home, Canada and Bourbon.  Bourbon is also a native born Song dog who is Gustyís son.  We know Pink will be in good paws, with her big Songdog brother to show her the ropes.  We will miss you Pinkster the Binkster!


Tuesday, May 6

And then there were NINE.

It was a sad day at Songdog on Tuesday.  Red Puppy, now officially known as Virgil, was picked up by his new parents Mary Jo and Mike and headed west to his new home in Kansas.   While we know he will have a grand life in the open sky country, it is always sad to see one of our Flatkids leave us.  Annie was born on the shortgrass prairies of Alberta, and is especially proud to have a grandson following in her pawprints- another official Songdog Prairie Ranger!

We wish you a long, healthy life full of great joy and love, Virgil!  You will be missed by all of us at Songdog.



Saturday, May 3

Another great day to hit the wilderness for an expedition.  We were hot and ready for a visit to the wetlands.  Grandma Annie and Mom came along to give us some water rescue training.  Evidently frogs donít like to be rescued.  But thatís OK.  Red made a real water retrieve, Blue struck out on his own for a long swim, and we all made great discoveries.  Like those big geese in the field that donít move or make noise.  Whatís with them anyways???

After a long hard day on the trail, a good nightís sleep sure feels good.   Play hard, sleep hard, thatís our motto! 

(A water bowl on my head?  What water bowl?????)