Week Four

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Color codes:  boys (blue, black aka Finn, orange, green, red lime) and girls (pink, aqua, purple, white)

We're three weeks old!!

Tuesday, April 1

Puppies in the grass alas!  It was almost 70 degrees today so we took advantage of the sunny warmth and let the puppies dine al fresco on the front porch.  First they enjoyed Puppy Swill as the main meal, and Momís milk for dessert.  They found both the food and outdoor ambiance quite excellent.


We followed with their first expedition in the outdoors.   (Note they didnít bother to clean up after leaving the table.  Weíll have to work on thatÖÖ) 

Like everything new, some were bolder than others, but after a few minutes they all became curious.  They wandered and explored the area, taking in the feel of grass and damp earth, along with all those smells we mere humans cannot even fathom.   We have found this litter is exceptional in the use of their noses at a very young age.  This group investigates everything nose first, and are quick to discover Keetch has entered the room, sticking their tiny heads up to get a better whiff.  Perhaps an indicator of the great hunting dogs to come?


Sunday, March 30

Look how big we are!  At over 4# each, we no longer fit in one box.  This is the same container all 10 of us would use when our main box was being cleaned.  Now five is a tight squeeze.  (Mom!  Pink is touching me!!!)

Mr. Moose and Moose Jr were in need of a bath, so an old friend returned to the whelping box as a stand in.  Flufferduck is a floppy stuffed pink duck that has been a favorite of past litters.  Obviously the Green Puppy thinks she is quite comfy as a sleeping partner.


The puppies are much more agile now, and starting to climb and explore everywhere.  They canít quite make it up on the pigrails yet, although they try.

Finn, however, felt a need to conquer some summit, so made it to the top of Mr. Mooseís back- where he promptly fell asleep.  Moose climbing is tough work.

Friday, March 28

Now that the puppies can see and hear, itís time to begin their training as hunting dogs.  The first step is to introduce them to ducks, so what better time then during a photo session?!?  OK, so it isnít a REAL duck, but they are only 22 days old. 

The puppies are pretty nonchalant about their pictures being taken.  As long as they are well fed and warm, the only challenge now is to keep them awake and turned towards the camera.  Of course thereís always one in every crowd, and in this bunch it was the Purple puppy.  She threw back her head and in typical Songdog fashion howled a hefty protest.  She was quite emphatic she resented this invasion of privacy and to PLEASE call off the Puppyrazzi.







Black (Finn)

Black (Finn)









Thursday, March 27

Swill is SWELL!!!

They now look like little dogs and howl like real dogs when we are hungry, so itís time to start eating like big dogs.  They barely have teeth but that didnít stop them from digging right in to their new grub.  Puppy Swill, as it is known around here, is crushed puppy kibble and the formula they were bottle fed, plus additional hot water to make a gruel.  We try to feed them three at a time on a small pie tin until their table manners improve.  Then they go back to Keetch to top off their tanks on momís milk.


Well, just like before, some of them took to swill immediately and some were not so enthusiastic.  Then there were a couple who REALLY got into it-literally.  Green just waded into the middle of the tin and claimed the all-you-can-eat-buffet as his personal feast.  Most at least took a front feet first approach to eating swill.  But Green really outdid them all when he discovered my mixing bowl nearby, which I was using to reload the tins as they were emptied. 

Obviously Green had just one thing in mindÖ.SUPERSIZE IT!!!