Born 7/28/08

Songdog Blizzard Warning CDX JH WCX almost a TD

It was almost déjà vu on a smaller scale when Gusty’s puppies were born.  This time the box was full of liver puppies, with one little black sheep.  I love liver Flatcoats and couldn’t help but think one of those livers had to be a keeper.  But my mind went back to Gusty- how she was the odd puppy in her litter.  Could this be the same?  When the time came to choose, there was no question.  If there had been 100 liver puppies, I would have still chosen the little black one.  My Blizzie.

All the dogs in your life are dear to you.  They are all unique and make your life better in different ways,  but every once in a while, a very, very special one comes along.  Years ago it had been my Savanna.  Now it was Blizzie.  There was a unique connection between us from the beginning.  We were soulmates.  I felt Blizzie’s essence when I was away from her.  I could look in her eys and tell what she was thinking.  We were connected by heart mind, and soul.

Blizzie was sweet and gentle like Konza.  But there was a softness and love to her that surpassed it all.  She was so eager to please me.  She only wanted me to be happy.  Always a bit shy, even when asked to do obedience in a nosy arena, she would look at me, and I could tell her to trust me, and she did.  She always tried her hardest for me, always did her best.  I loved tracking with her because we were truly a team, doing something we both loved together., connected more in sprit than by a tracking lead.

Blizzie was  the kind of dog you set as the ultimate goal in your breeding program.  She was beautiful; almost faultless in conformation.  She was kind and gentle;  she was lively and fun.  She was incredibly intelligent and could learn quickly and easily.  By the time she was three, she has earned her CDX with lots of ribbons, had Best of Breed Placements in the show ring, was certified to run in a tracking test, and close to running Senior Hunt tests.  She was, literally, my dream dog.

But my dream became a nightmare when we lost Blizzie much, much too young to blastomycosis.  It was the greatest heartbreak of my life.  Yet even in death she shared something special with me.  More than any dog, she taught me that we never really lose them.  A part of my heart and soul is with her, and hers with me.   And since all dogs go to heaven, I know who  will be the first to kiss my face when I arrive.