UH HRCH Blazingstar Beaufort CDX MH WCX 

Born 9/27/2006

Annie was the first Flatcoat puppy we had purchased in almost 20 years when she came to Songdog.  We were overjoyed that Liz Saunders and Andy Hurly of Blazingstar Flatcoats in Alberta agreed to part with her. She introduced  new genetics to our bloodline, bringing an interesting blend of British and Scandinavian ancestry.

Always the polite Canadian girl, Annie’s personality is lively but gentle.  She is calm, sweet and always eager to please. But she is also the quintessential hunting dog, with a great nose, good marking, and a strong drive in the field.  There is nothing Annie loves more than quartering tirelessly across grassy terrain and diving into heavy cover to flush a bird.  Pheasants will always be her special love, and trips to the high plains to hunt these treasures have created fond memories for Brian as well.

Annie’s other love is playing airdog, launching herself off our dog like a furry black missile.  The bigger the splash, the bigger the fun!  As our unofficial Prairie Ranger she is always eager to wander the trail through our upland prairie in a hopeful search for errant buffalo.   In the kitchen she excels at cleanup and “quality control surveys”, especially when Kate is baking.  But at night she does her very best work, enthusiastically keeping our bed warm--- especially the ½ down the center.




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