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Sadie at 10 years - still a champion retriever

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Sadie was perhaps our most well known Flatcoat.  Bold, flashy, talented and full of herself, she made her presence known wherever she went.  She finished her breed championship early, including taking a major and a BOS over specials at a large supported entry. She inherited her parent’s sound conformation and especially their flawless movement.  When she charged across an open field with a bird in mouth, she was poetry in motion.

Sadie was smart, talented, and quick to learn, but also quick to get bored.  She learned obedience easily but preferred to put her own “spin” on some of the exercises.  While heeling, if the dog in the next ring took too long to retrieve its dumbbell, Sadie would show him how!  She was also a natural tracking dog who breezed through her TD.  Her ability to be successful in multiple venues earned her entry into the Flatcoat Hall of Fame.

But Sadie’s real strength, and her true love, was retrieving.  She had it all-intense drive, incredible marking, a great nose, and a burning desire to have a bird in her mouth.  She loved nothing better than to be in the field - early on to run hunt tests, and later as Brian’s hunting companion.  No matter how many retrieves she completed, it was never enough.  Many a hunt test judge told us she was the finest working Flatcoat they had ever seen.  Her parents, both Master Hunters themselves, would have been proud.

In her later years she became Kate’s constant companion, rarely leaving her side, and sleeping on the pillows next to her.  In retirement she still loved to hunt, but helping Kate bake cookies, weed flowerbeds, and teach the youngsters was OK too.  She was happy to go to the field with Brian, but just as happy to come home and crawl into Kate’s lap.

Sadie left an empty shadow at Kate’s side that will never again be filled.


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