CH. Whazthat’s Prairie Cyclone CDX SH WCX   

Prairie and daughter Savanna


Prairie was the foundation bitch for Songdog Flatcoats.  She was bred by Jeanne Allen of Whazthat Flatcoats in Oregon.  Prairie had everything we needed to start our bloodline. The granddaughter of a National Specialty winner, she carried classic breed type, strong conformation, and outstanding movement, including the legendary “Magic float”.  She won the American Bred class at the large Chicago Specialty of 1992 and was the first of our dogs to be owner handled and trained to every title. 

Prairie was Brian’s personal hunting dog long before we learned about hunt tests.  We were blessed to have acquired a Flatcoat with strong genetic field ability.  Despite our inexperience and beginners’ mistakes she earned her SH and WCX easily and with style.  She taught us much about field training, and is also the foundation of our strong hunting bloodlines. 

Prairie was a sweet, gentle, biddable bitch.  Her calm, affectionate nature and eager to please temperament have been passed on through many generations.   Her paw raising “scratch my chest” behavior still shows up in her great-great grandpuppies.  She loved to open presents, steal freshly baked bread, and dance with her front feet when excited.  A true Dad’s girl, she always slept with Brian in her own special way- she would dive under the covers and crawl headfirst to the bottom of the bed, snuggling against Brian’s feet and legs.  We miss you, Dad’s Big Girl!

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