HR Songdog's Prairie Wind CDX SH WCX CGC TDI


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Konza was the sweetest, gentlest, kindest soul.  She was the most biddable Flatcoat we ever had - so easy to train, and living mostly to make us happy.  Like her brother Fraser, she was wild about retrieving and was working on her Master title when she died.  Konza was probably our best upland retriever as she loved to hunt and was a natural quartering dog.

Konza also loved people, and was affectionate to family and strangers alike.  She had an endearing habit of grabbing your sleeve or pant leg and “retrieving” you as she walked along beside you.  It made trips to the mailbox very entertaining.  She also loved to grab a toy or bumper and show it to everyone, soliciting their admiration of her selected treasure.  To our delight, Gusty shows these same behaviors, as do several of her children.

Konza raised a healthy litter of 13 puppies, all who inherited her tender, loving nature.  Time and again we hear from owners of her puppies who laud them for their superior temperament.  She also passed on her biddability and intelligence, as her offspring have been successful in tracking, obedience, field, and as therapy dogs.  The numbers of people who have known happiness from those kids are truly her legacy to us all.

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