January 2015

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Keetch and her kids wish all of the littlest Flatcoats a Happy New Year.  How quickly you have grown!

Angus was the Lime Green Puppy we all expected to grow as big as a Buick.  In the end he surprised us all, and is now one normal sized, handsome boy.  Angus stayed here a bit longer and as such he will always tug our heartstrings.  We were thrilled to find him a great home with Rob and family in St Louis, Missouri, not too far as the crow flies.  (Well, a fast crow.)  Angus enjoys hiking and canoeing with his family, and in our hot summers we suspect he will always be a water aficionado.  He enjoys the attention of his college aged family members when they are home, and he and Rob will be attending obedience class soon.  Despite his large size as a puppy Angus was always a gentle, affectionate guy and we will always remember him in a special way here at Songdog.  You are one grand lad, Angus!


When the puppies turned 6 weeks old, we took them to our wetlands to introduce them to water.  Brian carried a puppy to an island while I stayed on the shore just a few feet away and called it.  He would ease puppies in, support their bellies, and follow behind on their very first formal swims.   But with Bright, there was no help needed.  She just closed her eyes, scrunched up her face, and made a giant, fearless leap into the water.  And she’s been wet ever since.  By 9 weeks old she was quite the dock dog, putting our friends’ experienced field labs to shame.  At 51# she is the smallest female we have ever had, but with her small size comes a big heart.  Bright is a sweet, affectionate whirling dervish!  Always busy, she loves to be trained and is in constant search of a new adventure.   Quick to learn and eager to please, her future is truly……. bright!  But best of all, her size makes her a perfect fit for Brian’s lap.


Finnigan was the last puppy delivered during the c-section and probably shouldn’t have lived, but he just wouldn’t give up.  Although never intending to keep a male, we couldn’t part with his courageous soul.  We are so glad we didn’t!  Finn is a sweet, affectionate fellow, sensitive and biddable.  He is a cautious, thinking dog, his sharp mind always wondering what will come next.  He never misses anything and is always at least two (muddy) paws in front of us.   He shows great promise with an incredible nose, an early talent for obedience, and a strong desire to make us happy.  Finn has shown an exceptional aptitude for tunneling and excavation- perhaps he has a career of coal mining in his future???  Finnigan is quite a quirky character and loveable guy, and Brian is delighted to finally have another male in the household.


An early star in this wonderful litter has already risen in Florida.  Forrest, formerly the Blue Puppy, lives with his Mom, Yuko, outside of Tampa.  Yuko gets the Golden Patience Award for waiting so long for a Songdog puppy.  She originally was top on the list for a repeat breeding of Annie, but when that didn’t work out signed on for a Keetch puppy instead.  We are so honored that she waited for us, as Yuko and Forrest have accomplished so much already.  This formerly shy fellow is now an outgoing, confident gentleman thanks to all of Yuko’s talented training.  Forrest already has his AKC Canine Good Citizen Award, and his first pass towards his AKC Rally Novice title.  To get any ribbons on a young male Flatcoat before he is a year old is absolutely amazing!  Through her great dedication Yuko and Forrest now have a special bond, and we are so thrilled her long wait appears to have been worth it.  It certainly has been for us!

PS. Sorry Forrest, despite all your great success, we couldn’t resist the photo of you after digging.  It’s another one of those family traditions.


The Purple Girl of the family always had an air of sophistication about her, so it only seemed appropriate she would end up in the big city.  Isobel now resides with her mother Michel in Chicago.  Despite her former love of mud and birds, Isobel just can’t resist the big lights and excitement of urban life.  She is the hit of the dog park and a most charming representative of her breed to all she greets.   She graduated with flying colors (purple, perhaps???) from Puppy Obedience School, and now the sky is the limit!  (And considering the two photos her Mom sent, you just have to think she came a long way to get that graduation cap!)


Every family has a star athlete, and in Keetch’s litter, it has to be Marty.  Once the spunky Orange Puppy, Marty now lives with Margaret and John outside of Madison, Wisconsin.  But lucky Marty is also heir to a cabin in the woods near Hayward where he enjoys plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and water sports in the summer.  When all that water turns to ice and snow in winter he gets to play in it all over again.  It’s a wonderful life for a little guy full of energy and plenty of love, which he shares abundantly with his family.  Live, love, and always laugh with your tail, Marty!


From north of the 49th parallel comes news and photos of Parker, the Green Puppy.  Parker now lives outside of Calgary, Alberta with Georgia, Keetch’s littermate sister.  Parker always had the heaviest coat in the litter and it is serving him well!  His mom, Susan, reports both Georgia and Parker have taken to agility quite well and Susan may be competing with them this year.   Of course we never need ribbons to prove how special any of our Songdogs are.  Just the fact that Parker is best buddies with his feline “sibling” makes him a winner with us!


Piper, formerly the Aqua Puppy, now lives near Duluth Minnesota.  Although she weighs in at a mere 48 pounds, Piper just proves good things come in small packages.  A credit to  our hunting tradition, Piper has done us proud by becoming an accomplished gundog before she is even a year old.  Dave reports he and Piper enjoyed a great first season together hunting grouse and waterfowl.  Always a lively puppy, Piper has put her boundless energy to good use and we wish she and Dave many, many more great hunting seasons to come!


We have been blessed with many great homes for our puppies; Scholar went to a home that is a triple blessing for us. Scholar, formerly the Pink Puppy, now lives with Bourbon, another Songdog who was a son of our Gusty.   In addition, the spirit of Cricket still surrounds them all.  Cricket was a puppy from our famous litter of 13 out of Konza.  I guess that makes us repeat offenders for placing three Songdogs with Cassie and Jeff in Corydon, Indiana but they keep coming back for more!  Cassie reports Scholar is a bright girl with a mind of her own, and an obedience class in her future.  We personally know that kind of intelligence has resulted in multi-talented Flatcoats when the creative energy is channeled correctly.  And with a pretty face like Scholar’s, the judges will be putty in her paws!


Virgil from Kansas, formerly Red Puppy, is his new Mom’s devoted sidekick.  He and Mary Jo are the best of friends, and she can almost forgive him for his newest hobby- Counter Cruising.  We have to admit that Virgil comes by his pastime honestly as his grandmother, our Savanna, was a Counter Cruiser Extraordinaire.  We went through three sets of childproof safety locks to keep Savanna out of our pantry.  So we’ve got to cut Virgil some slack.  He’s just carrying on a family tradition.  (Although we can’t help wonder what happened to those pumpkins after the photo shoot was over.)