Whazthatís Mahogany Magic CD

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Emily was Kateís first Flatcoat in 1984, and Brianís first in 1988 when he married into the family.  For 4 years she was Kateís soulmate and constant companion.  Emily was mellow, sweet, biddable, and lively.  She was the typical first child in that she was the best behaved Flatcoat we have ever owned!  She did not steal food, talk too much, or walk on countertops.  Emily was well known as a greeter at Kateís nature center where she accompanied Kate to work, and a favorite of older volunteers.

Emily is credited with creating the Songdog family.  It was Brianís initial attraction to her that resulted in his eventual marriage to Kate, where Emily stood up as Dog of Honor.  She loved anything that involved the outdoors- swimming, canoeing, running, tracking, hiking-as long as it was with her family.  Emily was ready for her CDX, TD, and WC, and was just shy of a championship when her all too short life ended.  She left both of us forever dedicated to, and in love with, the Flatcoat breed.

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