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June 1

Welcome to the world, little Flatcoats!

March 7, 2014

The first of the puppy photos are here, along with a little comic relief from Annie.  Keetch has remained a bit weak and groggy from the surgery, so we have tried to get her away from the puppies for an hour or two to give her some added rest.  The puppies remain warm thanks to a specialized heating pad that will not rise above 95 degrees and overheat them.  In the meantime, Grandma Annie is fascinated, and quite thrilled, to have puppies in the house again.  We had Keetch out for a break and were in the process of cleaning the box when Annie decided to step in and act as a puppysitter.  One tiny whine from a puppy and she is in there like a flash.  Of course, when they want to feed, she is also out of there in a flash.  That’s what is so nice about being the grandma!

The puppies are doing just great.  They are lively, shiny, hungry little beasts.  They are gaining weight and very strong, able to “leap” from one end of the box to the other in a single, well, crawl.  Not terribly photogenic yet, we did include a photo of one boy and one girl- as proud parents we simply couldn’t resist.  They are also true Songdogs, with plenty of volume when they get hungry- especially about 2 am.


Little boy

Little girl

Keetch and her kids


Grandma Annie baby sits


UH HRCH Songdog Red Flag Warning CDX SH WC (KEETCH!) 

has been bred to 

CH MACH2 Ardrossan Inchmarnock UDX TD MH WCX **


Puppies are due March 6, 2014!

We are awaiting the arrival of these very special puppies with great anticipation.  Keetch is a sweet, outgoing, talented girl who has exceeded our expectation in all venues.  She will be back training for her Master Hunter title after her maternity leave.  Keetch shows strong breed type and good conformation and maintains a rich, dark liver coat.

She is extremely bright, eager to please, and lives for birds and fieldwork.  She has a rollicking personality which brightens our household and keeps us laughing.

Pinch needs little introduction to anyone who knows Flatcoats.  His incredible record of titles speaks of his talents and abilities.  He was also a true gentleman in the house and a personal hunting dog for his owners.  We are honored and sincerely grateful to Mary Jo Gallagher for allowing Pinch to contribute his superior genetics to our bloodline.

It is the policy of Songdog to place our puppies in companion homes.  We appreciate all owners who pursue various performance events and other forms of competition with our dogs.  We strongly believe all Flatcoats need some kind of “job” to keep them mentally and physically satisfied.  However, we will not sell puppies to owners who intend to board them with professional trainers or handlers.  Pursuant to the breed standard which states a Flatcoat to be “a family hunting companion”, we expect our dogs to stay with a family, in their home.  Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.

Serious inquiries invited.  Contact information is located on our Contact Songdog page.

Even with puppies on board, Keetch takes her job seriously!


Click picture to enlarge.

Pinch Keetch




We're offering some unlisted videos posted on YouTube.  However, they are to remain private and not be shared or posted elsewhere.  They are strictly for viewing by prospective "parents" and selected friends.  If we find these running on Facebook or any other site, we will remove the links.  We ask your cooperation with this.

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