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Updated Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Quality family and hunting companions

Songdog on Pup Creek is located in southwest Indiana, in a rural area long known for coal mining and the production of high quality hardwood timber. The reclamation of old coal mine ground provides hundreds of areas nearby of open land and water, making the area ideal for our active Flat-Coated Retrievers. We have 33 acres on Songdog which include a creek, an upland prairie planting, and a series of wetlands and ponds. Our nearest real town is Huntingburg, but if you come to visit, donít expect to find any Starbucks or McDonalds! We can, however, offer you plenty of peace and quiet, and an abundance of wagging tails


If you look to the northwest sky tonight, you will see a bright, new, twinkling star in the heavens.  Our dearest Annie has left us to join the other Songdog angels.

Always our sweet, polite Canadian girl, she brought our family such joy and love, and our lives have been forever enriched by hers. 

Our hearts are broken, dearest Annie.  But we are comforted by the thought of our own Queen of the Prairie,once again trotting merrily through the tallgrass under a clear prairie sky.

Heavenly pheasants beware.  Annie has arrived.




      January 2015

Catching up with the youngsters!

Click here to get updates on the littlest Flatcoats.






2014 - The Year of the Keetch!


This will be a busy but happy year at Songdog as we welcome some new members to our family.  Keetch was bred in late December to Pinch, CH MACH2 Ardrossan Inchmarnock UDX TD MH MXG MJG MXP4 MXPB WCX ** TDI  HOF  After raising all those puppies, itís on to a Master Hunter title for Keetch.     

It looks like we have a busy year ahead for us all here at Songdog! 

We certainly hope Keetchís puppies are better to her than she was to Annie!



Songdog hopes all dog lovers will support their local humane societies and animal shelters.  We think all dogs wish they were born as Flatcoats too, but not many were so blessed.  Please help give them the great life they all so richly deserve.

Songdog Flatcoats supports the Morris Animal Foundation

Songdog Flatcoats supports the Flat-Coated Retriever Foundation

Songdog Flatcoats supports the FlatcoatData database.

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